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The Obvious Way to Get More Exercise

Updated: Jan 2

Scientists in the Netherlands have been tracking people's energy expenditure from 1900 to the early 2000s. What they've found: a 60-70% reduction in the totally daily energy expenditure over the last century. A previous study by the same scientists found that actors at theme parks set 150 years ago were 1.6-2.3 times more active than modern sedentary office workers.

That's about equal to walking 5 to 10 more miles PER DAY.

No, this isn't to suggest walking an extra 20-25k steps daily. (Good luck with that!) '

The old saying is "every bit helps" and this is true for exercise. Every bit of movement you do throughout the day, exercise-related or not, will benefit you in burning calories.

For example, many people view tasks as hassles or time-wasting, such as:

  • Vacuuming their house

  • Weeding/gardening

  • Taking the dog for an extra walk

  • Shooting hoops in the driveway

However, these are all great ways to continue moving and using energy. Reframe these tasks from this perspective:

"The more you get done, the more energy you use. You'll feel accomplished both physically and mentally when getting tasks like these done."

These essentially become two-for-one activities which is what some need to justify making time for self-care. In the end, moving more is all about mindset. Get your mind in the state where you recognize you need to be moving more. After that, you'll find more and more tasks to do daily to increase your daily energy expenditure.

Remember: movement is a blessing. We are not guaranteed to move the same tomorrow as we are today so don't take those opportunities for granted.

Take care, everyone!

- Your Favorite Trainer

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